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September 24th, 2016

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11:02 pm - Groovy.
Unhelpful bank charges imposed on an agreed overdraft put the overdraft OVER the limit and the same bank then imposed bank charges 600% higher per day, based on their putting us into debt. Usurers.

This means when the next salary goes into the a/c it will STILL be in negative figures (the red) and quite significantly. IF we're very lucky we'll be able to pay the rent. But food - including of course the cats' food, credit card interest payments, transport costs, utility payments, well - everything else is completely out of the question.

That's IF we're lucky.

It is looking increasingly likely that, the O/D will be so far pushed into the red by the daily charges that when the salary goes in there will not be enough leeway in the regular 'agreed' overdraft to even cover the rent.

Debt spiral.


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