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Phantom - Too much floccinaucinihilipilification. Not enough supercalifragilisticexpial...

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August 17th, 2016

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08:31 pm - Phantom

I can't tell you how things are here ('you' being that universal unknown that translates as 'diary' when one is writing to anyone who cares to see, but in practicality only for an audience of oneself). Simply that it is bad. Worse than I thought.

And that's just the real-word pragmatic existence of the household. Or not, as it seems to be heading.

My personal demons, primarily, though not exclusively, an incinerating isolation and loneliness are beating me with ever bigger sticks. Now with added rusty nails.

Things are indeed as grim as they were in 2002/3 when I thought it was game over. Only this time I've nothing to aim for. I've no straws to grasp at.

I'm too far from the bank. I still can't swim.

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