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Amusing - Too much floccinaucinihilipilification. Not enough supercalifragilisticexpial...

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November 10th, 2016

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10:25 pm - Amusing
Once again, someone has tried to convince LiveJournal that this is their account and they should be handed the needlessly complex password so they can take possession of it.


I doubt it's anyone with my name who's after it as it was a clumsy approach/attempt at best; from Russia, unsurprisingly after some anonymous inbred yee-haw from the (US) Carolinas ("Trump!Trump!Trump!") had a shufti a few hours earlier. More likely someone wanting the account to sell. Established common proper nouns carry value in social media accounts, as there's always some entitled twat willing to pay way above the odds for John or Jane or Brad or Janet.

I picked up 'ross' in 2007 after the early adopter who took that account name in the very first days of LiveJournal surrendered his account. I had to pay for it (there were a lot of people after it but it became available in UK time, so the USAsians missed out as I saw the alert e-mail first). This was long before the post-Soviet Maffiya acquired LJ from the Six Apart cretins. Now purged (freed up) account names cost much more and I have no doubt the common names are a premium.

But y'know if I had to lose this I wouldn't be messed up by it (especially if it was my choice) because, to consider rationally for a moment (hey, there's always a first time), I hold more cachet for my chosen name online than ever I do something my foul mother chose for me - however much I actually like it. Even if one's parents are worthwhile, one should never put too much store in something one didn't choose for oneself. I have an alternative LJ account and though rarely used these days (this one is barely touched in comparison to LJ's heyday/my concomitant need to express myself so much more) it is under a name that says SO much more about me; about what and who I am. How I view myself in the face of all the sheer turgid mountain-range of unending shit I've had to endure and - however fucked up; and that's a lot - am still functioning. It's the name I use on Twitter and the name I use on one of my e-mail accounts. It stuck, because it resonates. It's who I am. Even someone who (surprisingly) loves me calls me by that other name, though she knows my 'real' one.

ross is just what's on my birth certificate. And between my Basque godmother's incredibly thick accent and the deaf Irish priest's interpretation I was nearly 'Christened' Rose.

And however common a choice of flower, I like roses.


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