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Almost - Too much floccinaucinihilipilification. Not enough supercalifragilisticexpial...

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November 24th, 2016

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07:03 pm - Almost
I'm almost proud of myself. In need as I am ( and I am) I told my agency to fuck off. A bit more politely but basically the upshot was that.

At a quarter to five I get a call from them. I'm busy so I ignore it and let it go to voicemail so I can call them back. As it is I don't have to as at half past five I get a call from my handler there, the woman who runs the agency who is on leave; the implication being they called her to ask her to - indeed - handle me.

She tells me that the place I did the temp work for back in February, who I then interviewed with in March - not getting the job, needs a temp again in the same role.

For two days. Tomorrow and Monday. And that's it. You'll do it, we keep you desperate.

Usual below living wage fee and practically no notice. You'll do it, no problem, you always jump when we make you wait.

Then she lets slip that the agency already gave it to someone else but they couldn't do it because they were busy... And then she tries to laugh it off.

I manage not to simply scream abuse at her down the phone. I simply tell her "No. I'm not doing that. Two days is no good to me." And that's it. Or mostly. I also say I've had enough of these one and two day wastes of time. She's a bit taken aback but can't actually do anything. What I don't add, it's irrelevant, is that I know exactly what they're charging for me in relation to what they're paying me. It does not favour me.

Two days at peanuts, for their benefit and the benefit of the other people who fucked me over. I don't think so. After tax (which I shouldn't be paying) it would be worthless. Just my time, my inconvenience, for someone else who shat on me.

I'm almost proud of myself.

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