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Perfect Timing/Relieved - Too much floccinaucinihilipilification. Not enough supercalifragilisticexpial...

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December 27th, 2016

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08:34 pm - Perfect Timing/Relieved

Yesterday, Boxing Day, Fergus started getting agitated. He kept heading for corners, trying to pee. Something he doesn't do. He actually managed to squeeze out three very small discharges. All blood in a very thick fluid.

Day after Christmas: All the vets were closed bar one. The Emergency Vets out by the Observatory. Phoned them. They said bring him in. Made up a catbox and stuffed an unhappy Fergie into it and headed off. Luckily the bus we caught stopped very close to the surgery but he wasn't at all pleased with the bumpy ride. Nor was I, my feet were numb from having him in the box on my lap the whole way and once I started walking the blood rushed into them and I got horrific pins & needles.

But I was more worried about Fergus so this sort of slipped down my attention register. My suspicion was proved right. Vet did a very quick examination and said his bladder was like a cricket ball (rock hard under internal excess pressure) and his urethra had gone into spasm. This happened to him the week we rescued him, after the surgeon saved his eye he told us to keep him in. I stayed in one room with him. One day he peed blood all over the bed and the next couldn't go at all and was in such discomfort his back legs didn't work. Straight back to the vet. Kept him in for a whole week, initially on a catheter as yesterday, but also so they could monitor his other issues (his face/stitches, the cat-flu and so on). He was a very sad and distressed hungry puss when we first met him.

It's worrying this has happened again. Essentially he's getting stressed because he's picking up on our stress (mostly mine, as I'm here all the time). And also he's not using the litter trays. He won't pee inside; waits 'til he's let out. Problem is he assumes we're psychic and doesn't ask to be let out all the time, only sometimes. So the little berk's putting his bladder/kidneys under stress :o/

Anyway, the treatment, being straightforward but not something you can do at home, was successful and he only had to stay in over night and 'til this afternoon. Even pee'd in the catbox on the way home; which stank to high-heaven and is unpleasant but was actually a good sign. Because of that instead of taking him inside we took him up behind the flats to the communal garden and let him out, when we got back, to let him run around a bit. And pee if he needed to. He was very happy to be home and out of the smelly box and was his usual affectionate attentive self.

Very relieved. Though he's going to take some monitoring for the next few days.

We were just fortunate enough of the credit card was paid off as this was NOT cheap. Oh no, only game in town/holiday premium price list? One night's stay and treatment: Wrong end of three figures. Very grateful to Joy for saving our arses a little while back or the card wouldn't have been healthy enough to cope with this. Not that we'd have told them that, and to their credit, they actually stated that we pay at the end of treatment, so we would have winged it and hoped. Bit different to the horror of Honey's death in 2003 when I wished every vet in London a slow, fiery death. Especially the one who laughed as he hung up.

But I'm glad to have Fergus back. There's no doubt we saved his life in February 2014, his presence has kept me alive and vaguely sane too often since then. He's a very even-tempered and well-disposed cat.

And he looks like this.

Fergus August 2016

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